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Mandatory Trail Equipment

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:55 pm
by Orangeamc13
This is a list of Mandatory Equipment needed in your rig! :cool: This list is by no means complete, but these are the MINIMUM requirements needed to ride with us!

Front & Rear Recovery Points That Are Properly Frame Mounted In One Manner Or Another (Tow Hooks, D-rings, etc.)
Tow Strap Without Metal Hooks (No Chains!)
First Aid Kit (Basic Will Do, But More Is Always Better)
Fire Extinguisher
Spare Tire (Must Be Able To Get You Off The Trail And Back To Trailhead)
Suitable Jack For Your Vehicle (Hi-Lift Jack Recommended)
Minimal Supply Of Tools For Your Vehicle
Seat Belts (These Need To Be Worn!)

These items are not mandatory equipment, but are highly recommended!

Recovery Gear:
Tree Saver
Snatch Block
Straps - tow & snatch
Extra D-Rings
HD Work Gloves
Spotter Line

Maglite & 2 Sets of Spare Batteries
Various Tools (Full Socket/Wrench Sets In Standard And Metric, Pliers, Vise Grips, Screwdrivers, BFH, etc.)
Hydraulic Floor Jack
Bottle Jack
Bailing Wire
Duct Tape
Zip Ties
Hatchet And/Or Axe
PB Blaster
Safety Glasses
Various Bungie Cords
Cordless Sawzall Or Angle Grinder

Power Inverter
Fuses & Relays
Wire (Various Gauges)
Wire Stripper
Electrical Connectors
Electrical Tape

Spare Parts:
Belts, Hoses, Spark plugs, Wires, etc.
Spare Tie Rod Assembly
Spare Light Bulbs
Fluids - Oil, Tranny, Differential, Coolant, Water, Starting Fluid, etc.
Filters - Air, Oil, etc.

Part Specific Tools To Replace Spare Parts Carried In Rig:
12pt 1/2" Or 13mm Socket For Unibearing Hub Bolts (TJ,XJ,YJ,ZJ,MJ,WJ, etc.)
12pt 12mm Socket For 8.8 Flange Bolts
36mm or 1 7/16" Socket For Axle Nuts (TJ,XJ,YJ,ZJ,MJ,WJ, etc.)
2 1/16" Socket For CJ Spindle Nuts
Breaker Bar
Length Of Pipe For Leverage
Ball Joint/U-Joint Press
Snap Ring & Lock Ring Pliers
Long Pry Bar

Navigation & Communication:
Operational CB Radio
Maps (Road & TOPO)
Spare Battery And/Or Charger For Cell Phone

First Aid Kit
Spare Fire Extinguisher
Waterproof Matches
Emergency Flares

Change Of Clothes (Including Spare Boots & Socks)
Foul Weather Gear - Gore-Tex And Fleece w/Gloves (Pack For The Worst Weather You Can Imagine)
Mechanics Gloves

Bottled Water, Gatorade, Food, etc.

Tire Deflators
On Board Air/Portable Air Compressor/C02 Tank
Trash Bags (Everyone Should Be "Packing It Out"! These Can Be Used To Pick Up Trash On Trails As Well)
Saw And/Or Loppers
Rope - Small Gauge (550 Parachute Cord) and Heavy (For Massive Jeep Repair)

Re: Mandatory Trail Equipment

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:56 pm
by Orangeamc13
Feel free to ask questions if needed! :)

Re: Mandatory Trail Equipment

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:37 pm
by RottenBanana
Quite the extensive list! Very nice!
Though never mentioned or taken seriously.......thank you for noting SEATBELTS!! Obviously needed for everyone, but mostly for the ppl with detachable doors. I see it all the time on the trail & I cringed every time so good shit!