JV trails

JV trails

Postby Chris » Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:43 pm

From PBB.


Kurtuleas wrote:[COLOR="Red"]Disclaimer:[/COLOR]

I am not sure if any of you have noticed, but in the past few months, I have not rung the "Land-use" alarm as much as I have in the past. That is becuase I do not want to sound like chicken-fawkin-little or become "that irritating land-use guy"

I am making an effort to only sound the alarm when there is something that is a very big deal, or when we can REALLY make a difference.

[COLOR="Red"]Well, this is that kind of occasion:[/COLOR]

We kicked Smokey the Bears ass with the Pirate4x4.com letter generator.

We are making MAJOR headway with the Boxer/McCown bill we wrote letters for.

Our online rally for the Hammers got major press and turned the heads of the Marine Corps and the BLM.

Now it's time to gear up the Pirate4x4.com letter generator for Johnson Valley and the Hammers!


Please click the link and follow the directions.

When you send a letter thru the generator, it will send your letter to many different people: The BLM, The Marines, The County supervisors, Congressman Jerry Lewis, the department of the interior etc... Your address will show in thier e-mail as the sender..

Pirate4x4.com will issue a press release next week introducing the Letter generator and this campaign.

Pirate4x4.com land-use editor.
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