Carolina Driveline

Good Places to shop or buy parts from. Please include Addresses, phone numbers websites ect.

Carolina Driveline

Postby ryan13 » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:16 pm

I was in a major pinch before my North Maine Woods trip this summer and upon completing my long arm install found out I needed a longer rear driveshaft.

All local shops wanted around $120-180 to alter my existing shaft and rebalance it.

Carolina Driveline was able to make me a wicked good quality shaft with extended travel option and brand new u-joints for $230ish dollars shipped. The best part was I ordered it on a Monday and had it at my door by Friday of that same week, out wheeling Saturday.

They were awesome to deal with and made a beefy custom length shaft in a very short time for a killer price. Much cheaper than the TW quote i got.
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